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Anna Katrine Kraus Born 1984 in Sacramento, California,Living and working in Berlin, Germany is Artist / Sculpture completely into Installation / Public Art. She holds  Master of Fine Art: I.K.K.G Institute for Art in Ceramics, DE 2014,Bachelor of Art: Humboldt State University, USA 2010. She has contributed to public spaces and art in 2017 “Cumulus” Suite w/ Hans Aescht at the 28th ICEHOTEL in Jukkasjärvi, SE,2017 “Nomadic Landscape“ Art Street w/ Hans Aescht in Sacramento California, USA, 2015 “The Flying Buttress” Suite w/ Hans Aescht at the 26th ICEHOTEL in Jukkasjärvi, SE
2013 Artist in Residence at The Eberhardt Fellowship, DE
2010 Laundry Ceramics Award, USA
2009 Martin Wong Ceramics Scholarship, USA
2009 Phoenix Fire Ceramic Award, USA

Artist in Residence-2018

Agata Skwarczyńska is a Polish Set designer, costume designer, light designer. She is the International Artist in Residence in June at Craft Village.
- Faculties of Philosophy and Sociology at the University of Warsaw, faculty: philosophy graduated: 2006
- Faculty of Stage Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw,graduated: 2008

Artist in Residence-2016/2017

Meet our Artists in Residence 

Cynthia Mijares Rodríguez, (born in México 1990) holds a bachelors degree in Industrial Design from the Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León (UANL)
Her work centers around conceptual positive design and tangible solutions to everyday issues, including social ones, her aim is to evoke emotion and spark the light of thought. 
For Cynthia design serves to improve objects, process, services, and life. To design according to her personal values in a socially and environmentally responsible way is extremely motivating and paramount. In love with avant-garde technologies as well as artisan techniques, realizing that one can not exist without the other. Her background includes working at corporations such as Schneider-Electric and as an Interior Designer for Steelcase, currently working on a broad range of commissions from industrial products, furniture & jewelry.


Winner of first place for product Maraca Cocktail Shaker by Kikkerland Design & Sanborns Mexico Design Challenge, winner of third place in Comex Trends 2016 for Arcoiris Bench furniture for kids. Founder of Kokor Hekkus handmade glass jewelry.

Artist in Residence-2016

Artist in Residence-2017

Alan Saga is a Mexican Industrial Designer. He is The Artist In Residence  presently at Craft Village. He focused on discursive design and passionate about 3D modeling, rendering and animation. Whose aims to develop series of products that express through their function a background story, a pure idea or social critique. His focus is originality from a solid well-grounded concept to convey this idea in a simple way for the viewer. 

Title Best Industrial Design in “Icons of Design 2013” by Architectural Digest Mexico.
“Platinum A ‘Design Award 2013-2014” (Italy).
Part of the permanent exhibition at the Museum of Design MOOD (Italy).
Award “Design and Design 2014” (France).

Artist in Residence-2016

Miroslaw Baca is a Polish Sculptor and Artist. He is The Artist In Residence  presently at Craft Village. Sculpture is a means of expression, among others. This one, however, is difficult and specific. For me, it is the one that has appealed to me the most, not as a result of a deep thinking, but intuitively - language, form of communication, way of life. I am at the beginning of my way, struggling to learn about the chosen form. My sculptures are to express ideas, but very often, they are simply forms of expression, work over the material, the form, rather than the content. These are the equivalent elements for me, essential and complementing one another. ​

2014 The 1st Award Trinacria 2014, Tribute to Sicily, Palermo, Italy
2005 The Royal British Society of Sculptors Bursary Award, London, England​​

What Artists Say:

I am delighted with this artistic residency in Craft Village in Delhi. This was an exceptional experience to me. Each day was filled with artistic explorations and experiments. I have acquired new skills such as: traditional ply-split braiding tutored by Erroll Pires Nelson, renowned Braiding Master, and natural textile dying tutored by Dr. Himadri Ghosh, renowned textile expert. I am sure that new knowledge will have essential impact on my further artistic development. Craft Village is a lovely place with a wonderful principle of exchanging ideas and experiences. One day you can be a teacher, another day a student. Each artist has its own sensibility and knowledge that he can share with others. I feel charmed by wonderful Indian culture, food, art and design and hospitality of Indian people. Participating in Craft Village community enriched my creativity and I feel like I moved to the higher level of self-consciousness as an artist-Agata Skwarczyńska

This residency at Craft Village meant true inspiration for me. A time of give and take, or better said: exchange. Learning ancient Indian techniques, getting coaching by great masters, meeting the culture by going on trips to Craft Museum and Taj Mahal, giving a workshop in a traditional Dutch technique myself, but also just by experiencing and talking to the people here or witnessing their beautiful way of dressing. Reflecting on this shows me the rich package of experiences, inspirations, emotions and knowledge I will go home with, which can help me in the next part of my career. Iti, Somesh and Abhishek were great hosts and made me feel welcome as family. Specials thanks also to Professor Erroll Pires Nelson and Dr. Himadri Ghosh for their amazing guidance-Natalie De Koning

Craft Village has been ranked as No. 2 best artist residency in India by leading platform Kerosene Digital recently, due to quality of artists applying from more than 70 nations and award winning artist and designers coming from across the world doing break through work in Art & Design. Craft Village is a member of Residency Unlimited, New York (world largest artist residency network) and Res Artis of Amsterdam (having over 600 organisation and individuals as member in over 70 countries). In 2016 alone, Craft Village received over 100-applications from 60-countries, out of which four artists were awarded spring & fall residency awards in Textile & Product Design respectively. Craft Village is the only Craft & Design residency in India besides extending its program to traditional & folk art.

Artist Residency programs are offered twice in an year on various areas of work, including  clay and ceramics, textiles, products, public spaces, film, graphic and communication, installations, theatre and many other areas of art and design. These artist stay in individual rammed earth cottages during their residency period, and have studios for 2-D and 3-D work. The Artist Residency is in lush green location as well as building in heart of Delhi with negative carbon footprint, ground water harvesting, and earth quake and fire resistance besides having the best quality of air (29.6 Microns) in town. (Delhi that has 200 Micron (2.5 PPM) and UN prescribed limit is 130 Microns).

Artist in Residence-2016

Natalie De Koning graduated in a bachelor fashion design at the Utrecht School of arts in 2011. With her graduation collection she was nominated to participate in the Lichting by G-star Raw competition during AIFW and the exhibition Modebelofte (‘Fashion Promis’) during Dutch Design Week. She also participated in last seasons The Green Fashion Competition and the group exhibition High Fashion Low Countries. Last January she showed her collection Slo/Mo//// during Berlin Fashion Week. Now she just started a Master Fashion Design at Artez in Arnhem

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