Quarterly Newsletter

As a part of cluster development initiative undertaken by ASNRSD, Amity University, Noida, the Amity School of Natural Resources and Sustainable Development (ASNRSD) organised a strategic workshop on “Traditional Knowledge and Tribal Handicrafts” (supported by DC, Handicraft, Min. of Textiles, Govt. of India). Iti Tyagi, Founder, ‪Craft Village was invited as a keynote speaker for sharing her experiences on “‪Sustainable Development for Craft Sector”. Ms Tyagi focused on “Craft Trading can be limited to a generation, but training would empower many generations”, Craft sector has gone through a phase of distress with a desperate need to revive this sector that is connected with employability of millions of households engaged into Craft production activities. If this sector needs revival as a part of “Make in India” initiative, the time has come to renew its ‘4C’ focus for better and long-term results. Since 1990’s, 30% of artisans have left craft sector in search for low key jobs and have migrated as daily wage labour, which is bound to grow if an effective strategy is not implemented for 1) Change in Perception for Craft Items and Sector 2) Creating global brands & markets 3) Connecting Innovation & Design 4) Craft Technology by creating a 360 interface with consumers, stakeholders, artisans and industry. 

MRID, MS University, Baroda invited Iti Tyagi Founder, Craft Village as keynote speaker for “Craft Management”, she interacted with the students and informed that if Indian Craft needs to be revived, everyone’s perspective needs to be changed from looking at them from “Cheap Objects” to “Objects of Desire”. She also informed the students that Craft industry needs disruptive thinking and a fresh approach for building sustainable future for Crafts and Artisans. At the moment Indian Crafts is only focusing on Supply Side where demand has been completely neglected, that means creating branding and awareness of the timeless value of crafts needs to be communicated effectively. One of such efforts can be accelerated by integrating industry in the process, where the new product development can be aimed for new markets and clients, rather than developing Craft products in isolation at craft clusters and later struggling to find markets and consumers. This model has not yet been recognised, as the industry looks at Craft Sector as some decorative object without realizing that Crafts can be real connect between consumers and products for better market success. There was also an exhibition on the world legend Dasrath Patel and his exclusive work.

Love for Art International Competition for Kids: The love for art international competition was organised by Craft Village for school children in exploring Sculpture, Painting, and Paper Craft. More than 100 Students from leading schools such as DPS, Shriram and many others participated to express their love for art. The winners were awarded by leading jury Binoy Varghese, Enaz M.Joseph and others.

Visit of Iti Tyagi, Founder, Craft Village to explore International Linkages with Singapore Institutions Lasalle College of Arts, Singapore, Temasek Polytechnic, School of Art & Design, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA), Singapore & Urban Design, Singapore Polytechnic, Singapore Polytechnic and visit to Singapore Design Week. During her meeting with leading design colleges and universities in Singapore, Ms. Tyagi laid special focus on how crafts of India that has inspired the world and generation of Artists & Designers, from Charles and Ray Eames to Alexander McQueen, Marc Jacobs, John Galliano, Saint Laurent and Michael Kors and many others. Craft Village is endeavouring into international collaborations bringing the special focus on South-East Asian Crafts to by connecting with these institutions through International Exchange & Research Programs, providing opportunities to art & design students & faculty who are keen in diving deep into Indian Art & Crafts. Many of global students & scholars have applied to Craft Village under ‘Design Residency’ linking craft-design-industry activities for sustainable development. During her visit she also interacted with international students on “Inspirational Crafts of India for Art & Design” who got benefited from her vast experience working in Crafts sector for last two decades.

World Earth Day Celebrations: As part of World Earth Day Celebrations, Craft Village organised series of workshops including Rammed Earth: Sustainable Architecture & Design focusing on how local material as soil could be used to create architectural marvel for sustainable designed green buildings. Most of the designers don’t even know what a Rammed earth construction is, which is one of the most innovative and futuristic way of construction. Craft Village is the only Green Building in Delhi made up of Rammed earth construction; Today Craft Village has become the central attraction for its architecture and sustainable design. The air quality in Delhi is 200 Micron (2.5 PPM) and UN prescribed limit is 130, but at Craft Village it is only 30 Micron which is equivalent to that of himalayas! Green architecture can certainly improve quality of life.
Craft Panorama: Glimpses to Children on Rare Crafts of India. In order to educate children and urban population on “Rare Crafts of India”, Craft Village has set up Craft Panorama, a physical interface through information standees for various crafts of India. This initiative was set up looking at the irony, that most of the Indians don’t even know 99% of our crafts, except few names children won’t even know what rare crafts of India are, what are these art & craft forms and what makes these rare crafts priceless. Even parent have forgotten, hence through this initiative a rich legacy can be passed on by educating our children a bit more about these art forms which has so much of history and culture embedded in it.
Strategy for Surajkund Mela: Craft Village team visited Suraj Kund Craft Mela and presented a review and report card of what are highlights, strength and weaknesses of Surajkund Mela this year from 1st Feb till 15th Feb. (Read More)

Interactive Session at Pearl Academy, Delhi on “Crafting Strategies”- Iti Tyagi, Founder, Craft Village was invited by Pearl Academy of Fashion (PAF) for interacting with students on what could be future of fashion if crafts of India are explored, the initiative was taken up by pearl academy to connect crafts an essential tool for business success. Ms. Tyagi informed kids that “If they don’t adopt crafts as a designer they won’t be able to compete in global markets”, Craft today has emerged beyond mere configuration of decorative items to a strategic point that is essential for any fashion business success, and students in that process can bring contemporary perspectives and new approaches for its survival and growth, and on other hand can create globally competitive products.

Workshop on Kalamkari: The workshop aimed at connecting urban consumers with mystical textile “Kalamkari” that has more unseen character than just being a fabric used for clothing or home. Kalamkari is just more than textiles to an experience that a culture has witnessed over centuries. The workshop was conducted by PADMA SHRI J. Gurappa Chetty, who is one of the last surviving ‪Kalamkari artists in Andhra Pradesh. His masterpieces like ‘The Mahabharata’ and ‘The Ramayana’ have been exhibited in the ‪Victoria and Albert ‪‎Museum in London and many such international museums. The participants besides knowing techniques alsoexplored the healing effect, by creating various colors, motifs, compositions and the narration of legendary stories.

Craft Village launched “Craft Quest: Game on Indian Craft” designed for children to build a better understanding of Indian Crafts through “Know India Crafts Better”, the game is very simple to play. The nine box game design contains images; letters and hints. There are multiple levels and all the Craft enthusiasts are busy playing since it has been evolved. The game is highly effective for School children, school tutors for building a greater understanding of craft and culture through a fun based model that also engages these children longer and deeper.

Visit of Prof. Aftab Garda, Director, BIAD (Birmingham City University) UK at Craft Village: Prof. Aftab Gharda, the professor known world-wide for his design education, methods and practices visited Craft Village during January 2016. He termed the place as an experiential place for designers and artists to come and learn what they always wanted. He also advised that Craft Village can tie-up with UK Craft Council for promoting innovative strategies for development of Craft based industries in India and elsewhere.

“It was an amazing experience to work alongside this great artist. Bhajju is such an endearing person, his simplicity and down to earth persona really moved me. And what an incredible imagination he has which he puts down on paper with amazing talent. The balance of colours and intricate detailing were a delight to watch. So happy to be part of this workshop! Yashashri Shukla, IAS Officer on Gond Workshop at Craft Village

“Craft Village is a beautiful place for experiential learning of crafts in an organic natural environment. It is a wonderful space that would help free flow of ideas and creativity. It has a wonderful library collection and an inspiring space. It is a beautiful project and I am sure with Itiji's vision and Mr. Somesh's extensive experience, it will grow and prosper to give future generations an exposure and passion for crafts, and provide sustainable growth to the crafts itself”. Dr. Anupama Pasricha, Associate Professor & Department Chair, Apparel Merchandising & Design, St. Catherine University, St. Paul, USA on Kalamkari Workshop at Craft Village