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Rare Crafts of India

Disclaimer: Craft Workshops are a medium of self exploration, since art is self exploratory in nature. Craft Village does not interfere in medium and ways a master intends to teach, these workshops are solely on the discretion of Master Artist/Craft men. Art can not be taught in structured manner and each master has an individual style hence each workshop is different. To know more, kindly write us at

1. Happy Planting - Terrarium Workshop- 6th May (Sunday), 10AM-1PM, Fees; 2500/-

Your favorite workshop is back, bring sustainability, love and passion towards environment, and increased awareness about keeping plants at home that can help in air purification, help fight mosquito, create beautiful landscaping and add a natural dimension to the concrete homes. Join Happy Planting, an eco-craft, fun interactive workshop on how to create a healthy and spiritual environment in your home through personalized terrariums. There's nothing quite like a terrarium for a great gift or as an intriguing addition to your home. Like a little world within itself, they spark the imagination and inspire the soul. Create your own garden in a bowl and help it grow together. Bring fresh air to your homes this 2018!

2. Mandana; Art of Living, 12-13th May (Saturday & Sunday), 10AM-5PM Both Days, Fees; Rs 5000/-

Mandana in Sankrit means self-expression, an expression that reflects Art of Living. More than traditional artistic abilities this Art form has also science of living. Remember Laxman Rekha, it was one of the form of Mandana Art only which had the greatest power to stop any evil from entering the defined space. Mandana Art has been based on same principle as Vaastu that has symbolic forms which represent the ‘Panchmahabhuta’-five elements of nature. This Art form was widely practiced in Rajasthan for almost many centuries and evolution of civilization, having such a great character of Spirituality, Meditation, Self-Actualization, Expression and the power of signs and symbols that not only protects but also brings prosperity and harmony in life. Come and learn the original Art of Living by doing it yourself hands on! 

3. Magnificent Sculptures, 19-20th May (Saturday & Sunday), 10AM-5PM Both Days, Fees; Rs 5000/-

After Two Years, your one of the most sought after workshop is finally back, and this time with a new International Master, Annakatrin Kraus from Berlin, Germany, who has been not only been an International Award Winner for Many Prestigious Awards, but a perfectionist, and known for doing the most innovative projects across the world. For every Artist and Designer, Sculptor, Interior Designer, Architects, Public Space Designers, Installation Designers and other design stream (who do product modelling) this workshop is must & mandatory!​

4. Creative Summer Camp for Kids (10-16 Years), 21-27th May, 10AM-1PM, Fees; Rs 10000/-

Creative Summer Camp 2018 is back, and it's a favorite workshop not only for awaiting children but also their parents, who have been across the year waiting for an activity for children at Craft Village. The 7-day module is designed for kids to explore their passion and creative interest through scientifically designed programs. The Creative Summer Camp is driven by the imagination and curiosity of children, with a belief that children’s work is play-based and connected to things that are relevant and meaningful in their lives. We take a multi-media approach that allows for a diversity of art-making processes, techniques and materials.

5. Chamba Rumaal Embroidery, 26-27th May, 10 AM - 5PM, Fees; Rs 5000/-
Chamba Rumaal is one of the rarest Craft forms that use SATIN stitch, the uniqueness of this stitching is that it creates exact motif on both sides of the fabric, and it is impossible to determine the right side of the fabric if the selvedge is not considered. This Craft has championed its innovative techniques to reversible garments as it is the only embroidery form in the world that looks mirrored from both side and exactly same. Today it is practised by handful in the valleys of Chamba, a region in Himachal Pradesh. This craft originated, developed and flourished in the erstwhile state of Chamba in the 17 – 18 century AD. A translation of Pahari miniature paintings were embedded in fabrics through Kashidakari (embroidery), a celebrated feminine craft tradition of Himachal Pradesh, India. Learn from the legend who has given her 45-years in up-liftment of this Craft...and perhaps the only one in the world to receive the highest honour in form of Presidential Medal in this Craft. Witness History, recreate future...

Note: The workshops are organised by the best master's in the world, the above fee includes material, lunch and certificate signed by the master.

You can register for these crafts of India workshops by paying on PayU money link, many people confuse these workshops with exhibition, pl. no walk-in without prior registration, and these are NOT exhibitions. 

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