India- Land of mystical landscapes, forests, mountains, villages, people, and ancient craft. Ever since human started expressing their feelings through crafts, it started becoming an integral part of their lives. Craft not only tells the stories but also distinctly represents culture and tribes. Thousands of years old stories of Indian culture are embed in the homes of these craftsmen who find various techniques to represent single story. From Mandana to Kolam, Rangoli to Jharokha, each expression of welcoming divinity is unique and cannot be compared with one another. The 4000 years old Indus Valley Civilization is yet not lost, in the heart of these craftsmen and artist one can find the glimpses of the culture . These arts are diverse and their medium are vivid and how each artist speaks of it's story is also unique. 

Food- 28 states and their special foods can only be possible with India. No other nation can have such a variety as the diversification is strong yet the flavors are united in terms of taste. Sweet or Spicey, Mild or Strong, order as you like, and you will not be disappointed. This vast land gives all herbs and spices that are sometimes rare to locate in other parts of globe. The food is always hot and hospitality is warm, this is a one combination that makes your taste buds go crazy.

Clothes- Indian clothing system is very diverse just like the food, every state has its own distinct attire which has a relation from history. Sari, the most common women attire is a drape of fabric varying from 6 to 9 yards in length. Worn in more than 50 styles out of which most famous are Banasari, Kanchipuram, Paithani,  Maheshwari, Chanderi, Mekhela, Ghicha, Patola, Pochampally, Sambalpuri, Gadwal, Kota, Berhampuri, Jamdani, Tant, Mangalagiri, Matka, Chanderi, Tussar, lkat, Manipuri , Bandhani, Batik, Leheriya, Bagru, Ajrakh, Kota,  Bagh and Kalamkari