“International Craft Awards are instituted to recognise Craftsman, Artisans and Designers from across the world and their outstanding contribution for sustainable & inclusive development in Craft Sector”. Iti Tyagi, Founder, Craft Village

Craft sector has gone through many phases of change, and many believe that there is an emergence of a new Craft culture while retaining the tradition. This sector has been the major source of employability for millions of households after agriculture. If this sector is revived, it would not only preserve the glorious culture and heritage of a country but also would bring renewed focus for better and sustainable development. Crafts have always been considered as Universal nature in design, simple yet effective innovation, mostly functional and multi-purpose, and have deep orientation with cultural idioms. It is perhaps the only sector that has worked tirelessly for sustainable development. In order to recognize Crafts as the core and Artisans as the ‘Hero’, the award has been announced to bring on board talents who brought paradigm shift in contemporizing and sustaining global crafts.
This year in order to mark the beginning of 2nd 'International Craft Day 2017', Craft Village announces world's first ever 'International Craft Awards 2017' scheduled on 14th October 2017, in New Delhi, India. The awards are instituted to recognize the outstanding contribution by an individual OR an organisation in the Craft sector from across the world. An eminent jury would select the best in the world and the finalists will be awarded in the different categories at a grand evening. The categories to be recognised would be in Handicraft, Tribal and Traditional Paintings, Constructed Apparel & Textiles (woven, knitted, crocheted, felted textiles, lace), Embellished Textiles (embroidery, patchwork, quilting, batik, and printed textiles), Cane and Bamboo Work, Jewellery & Adornment, Accessories, Metalwork, Woodwork, Ceramics & Glass and Other crafts as deemed fit (Pl. Note that no applications can be made for leather crafts & Silk made from silk worms, and anything that links to animals/birds/insect cruelty, as Craft Village doesn’t support animal cruelty and believes in sustainable culture)

A New Recognition for World Craft
The International Craft Awards sets a new benchmark in the world with highest possible level of skill and design excellence, and provides an open platform for craftspeople working in a wide variety of material & media, to have their work assessed by a professional jury and international craft experts. Award winners will be showcased at the 2nd edition of International Craft Day in October 2017. These awards promote, inspire and encourages craftsman of the highest standards, making International Craft Award an annual feature thereafter.

1. Craftsman & Craftswomen of the year (for each category in soft & hard goods and others)
Eligibility: Open for all Artisans/Craftsman
2. Craft Designer of the Year (Established & Gen-Next)
Eligibility: For established category designers must have contributed minimum for a decade, and for Gen-Next minimum three years of working.   
3. Craft Brand of the Year
Eligibility: The Company/Brand must have been in existence for minimum five years and older and should be only working in Craft Sector.
4. Master Artisan (Male and Female) of the Year
Eligibility: Minimum Recipient of National/International Award with minimum working in Crafts sector for 20 years & more.
5.Craft Institute/Academy of the Year
Eligibility: Institutions/Schools/Universities of National Importance and are recognised by Government of specific country. Minimum in existence for a decade in imparting programs/courses in Crafts and Design linked to Crafts.
6. Organisation/Company for Business Development of Craft Sector
Eligibility: Companies/Organisation of National/International repute with minimum three years of incorporation/existence.
7.Organisation/Company for Sustainable Development of Craft Sector
Eligibility: Companies/Organisation of National/International repute with minimum three years of incorporation/existence.
8. Craft Icon of the Year: Individual Contribution for the development of Craft Sector
Eligibility: Minimum Recipient of National/International Award with minimum working in Crafts sector for 10 years & more should have had an accomplished record in contribution for holistic development for Craft Sector.
9. Lifetime achievement for the Govt. representative, who contributed to the sustainable development of Craft Sector and Social Inclusion;
Eligibility: To be nominated by the Government of Each Country/State/Region based on merit & contribution for Craft Sector, Individual public servant cannot nominate themselves.

Important Dates:
-Online Applications Opens: 5th June
-Delivery of Work by individual/organisation for Judging: 14 & 15th August
-Deadline for applications: 15th August
-Judging Days: 18 & 19th August
-Return of Work not selected: 20 & 21st August
-Announcement of Nominations: 25th August
-Announcement of Winners and Awards Presentation: 14th October
-Exhibition Open to Public of Awarded Work: 15th October at the 2nd International Craft Day.

Minimum Age & Other Eligibility
Applicants must be 18 years of age or older. The contest is open for all nominated professional, amateur and craftspeople & designers from any country subject to the eligibility criteria mentioned above.

The Competition includes three selection steps:
-Pre-selection by the internal jury (Filtration)
-Presentation Round for Selected Candidates only (Nomination).
-Award Presentation to the finalist and award winners.

The interested craftspeople/artisan/designer can request for participation, upon receipt of the request a detailed application form with terms and conditions would be send to each participant via e-mail, you can also participate/Submit through online form through the given link.  To participate you have to send us 3-photos of your featured items which will be asked in our confirmation e-mail. Please provide them as .jpg image files (approx. 1000 pixels long side).

To ensure an attractive presentation of your work, please pay attention to high quality pictures of your object.  You will be also asked to provide us with additional information about your work, which you think is relevant for the presentation (title, type, material, year, sizes, artist’s statement etc ...).

The photos should be of your recent work created within the last 2-years.  Please note that there are no charges for the submission, however, the following expenses would be borne by Individual/Organisation;

-To & Fro Courier/Post charges from destination to Craft Village, New Delhi.
-To & Fro Travel, Insurance, Visa and other applicable cost from Destination to Craft Village, New Delhi, Stay and other

costs has to be borne by Participants/Participating Organisation only.

PLEASE NOTE: Please stick to the given timelines, as those applying after the said deadlines will be summarily rejected. (Kindly note that first 50 applications for each category will be only considered for the entry as the seats are limited)

The selection would be made by competent jury to ensure highest level of creativity, originality, production-technique and artistic quality which is meant for this international Craft Award, only nominated artists/designers would be able to participate. For selection following criteria would be considered:

I.Timely Submission
II.Full Submission of all required documents & eligibility criteria.
III.Originality Statement to ensure there is no plagiarism at all.
IV.Other documents/criteria as described in Application Form

Nomination of the Winner
At the end of the August, the jury will select all nominees (3- nominations each category); they will be informed about the jury's choice by email and the final winner would be announced only during the awards.

Right of use
Participants whose submissions are nominated for the International Craft Award grant the promoter (Craft Village) the right to publish their submitted images on the International Craft Award webpage, official Facebook-site, Newsletters, and Media Coverages to promote the award winners. All rights and copyrights of the images remain to the copyright owner (submitter/artist).

Note: Craft Village holds all the rights to amend or cancel any part of event without any prior information.
Disclaimer: All the art work in form of original products must be insured by craftsperson/artist/designer as Craft Village takes no responsibility of it getting damaged due to transit, or otherwise,Type your paragraph here.