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​​​About International Craft Day
International Craft Day is marked on 15th October every calendar year, the day is dedicated to celebrate world crafts, and it received overwhelming response from Craft Lovers, Craft Companies, Design Institutions and general public at large. This year's International Craft Day (ICD) brings on board more diverse craft forms, new artisans and visitors from many nations. The special introduction this year is International Craft Awards to recognize artisans/craftsman, designers, organisations and others who have dedicated life for the development of crafts and craft sector. 

The global craft & folk tradition is disappearing fast, and 'Handmade' has been taken over by 'Machinemade', posing great threat to most of the craft tradition practiced across the world. Crafts for long have been perceived as decorative objects and the reason is “Good stories untold”. The essence of which has not been able to effectively communicated with the changing world. Crafts have single universal language across the world, when we look at the wooden toys from Mexico and the ones made in Karnataka they look strikingly similar. Similarly, camel braiding in Rajasthan or in New York resembles identical, Shibori of Japan or Bandhini of Jaipur origins from the same spirit, Kalamkari of Srikalahasti or Thai folk art have similar characters, basketry in Guwahati or Basketry in Indonesia you can hardly differentiate. Thangka Paintings from north east India resembles folk art of Tibet. Rajasthani miniature paintings has the same intricacy as the Persian miniature paintings and the list is endless....These crafts may have originated at different places, times or by different dynasty but they all look like as if they have originated from one culture, one tradition & one world. The world craft has certainly one genre, and that is the spirit of people, their culture and endless passion of craftsman and artisan. International Craft Day this year celebrates "One World, One Craft", that transcends tradition & culture beyond boundaries to a world that is one in its timeless tradition. The “International Craft Day” captured people’s imagination to link and associate with rare Crafts through various planned activities. It also provided an opportunity to like-minded people to come, share & learn and give back to the society, and for others it was a perfect platform to learn and appreciate these craft forms.

Craft Village invites Craft enthusiasts, Designers, Creative Community, Crafters, Students and Faculty members, Creative Organisations, Craft Companies; NGO's to be part of "International Craft Day" to come together & celebrate these rare and exclusive crafts. The Day also assumes significance till last year there was no dedicated day for "International Crafts". The day long activities would have Craft Workshop and tribal/folk exhibition by World renowned masters and celebrated Crafts persons from across the globe. Exhibition-cum sale by leading Craftprenuers, Brands & leading labels. More than 1000 invitees & patrons attended the event last year with leading schools, colleges & institutions attending various activities and knowledge seminars by international designers and experts. Be a part of this important day and help tradition & culture to revive, helping millions of families across the world that still practices their passion and tradition...

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