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Craft Village is a one stop destination, where creativity, innovation and knowledge works for sustainable development of Indian Crafts. Crafts products are consumed by millions of people all over the globe in form of luxury, still craftsmen in India face hand to mouth situation and are bound to leave their traditional work. Modern lifestyle has enabled comfort living yet vast repertoire of knowledge and wisdom that sustained and nurtured these communities are fast disappearing. There is urgent need to preserve and revitalize these crafts and contemporize them. The Craft Village aims to revive traditional skills and techniques to make a sustainable living. An estimated 7-million artisans are engaged in craft production to earn a livelihood.

The Craft Village works for up-liftment of craftsmen and offer creative program for everyone interested to learn Indian Crafts from the craftsmen itself. Internationally, most of the luxury hubs have very close association with Crafts of the country, be it Milan, Paris or London, craftsmanship is considered a rare attribute today internationally and objects of desire. Strangely, Indian crafts face strange dilemma as the most of artisan/craftsman face poverty or penury, Indian Crafts reflects true essence of timeless culture, heritage and ultimate luxury.The majority of craft production remains unorganized and informal with its full market potential untapped, especially by the artisan, who more often than not struggles for sustenance. Propelled by loss of markets, declining skills and difficulty catering to new markets, a large number of artisans have moved to urban centres in search of low, unskilled employment in industry.

Craft village  offers trans-disciplinary approach to improve the quality of life of crafts persons by providing formal contemporary design and product development through design-technology-skill development programs/ workshops on regular basis. As a part of craft study programs almost each student in US, Europe, UK and other countries travel to different parts of the world to learn exotic crafts and culture, such students, artist, designer and professionals can visit the Craft Village every year to learn and contribute to these exotic crafts of India. Craft Village also facilitates a unique approach of craftsperson exchange at national and international level wherein artisans and designers working with crafts and from diverse backgrounds come together for exchange of ideas, experience and crafts practice.

Craft Village has been able to connect Rare Crafts of India with modern consumers by imparting knowledge of traditional crafts through “hands on” experience in workshops, these workshops offers urban population to explore their interest in crafts of India by working on concept, techniques and understanding crafts forms which most of the urban population has lost touch with. During the workshop the narratives and stories of the rare crafts connects very well with emotions of modern consumer and help them build tangible value and broader perspectives. These workshops have resulted in “Less Bargaining” on Craft products, choosing of Indian Craft products over cheap Chinese goods to support sustainability and being part of responsible consumption finally increasing net sales. These urban populations has also helped in enhancing the brand perception of cultural products by connecting through digital and social media ending into better wages and value to the artisans. Craft Village’s training model CRAFTS (Creating Reason for Appreciation of Traditional and Sustainable Crafts) has brought radical steps expanding consumer base, who wish to spend more on Indian Crafts over any other routine objects.