Other Initiatives

Craft Panorama: Glimpses to Children on Rare Crafts of India. In order to educate children and urban population on “Rare Crafts of India”, Craft Village has set up Craft Panorama, a physical interface through information standees for various crafts of India. This initiative was set up looking at the irony, that most of the Indians don’t even know 99% of our crafts, except few names children won’t even know what rare crafts of India are, what are these art & craft forms and what makes these rare crafts priceless. Even parent have forgotten, hence through this initiative a rich legacy can be passed on by educating our children a bit more about these art forms which has so much of history and culture embedded in it.

Craft Village launched Craft Quest: Game on Indian Craftdesigned for children to build a better understanding of Indian Crafts through “Know India Crafts Better”, the game is very simple to play. The nine box game design contains images; letters and hints. There are multiple levels and all the Craft enthusiasts are busy playing since it has been evolved. The game is highly effective for School children, school tutors for building a greater understanding of craft and culture through a fun based model that also engages these children longer and deeper.

World Earth Day CelebrationsAs part of World Earth Day Celebrations, Craft Village organised series of workshops including ‘Rammed Earth: Sustainable Architecture & Design focusing on how local material as soil could be used to create architectural marvel for sustainably designed green buildings. Most of the designers don’t even know what a Rammed earth construction is, which is one of the most innovative and futuristic way of construction. Craft Village is the only Green Building in Delhi made up of Rammed earth construction; Today Craft Village has become the central attraction for its architecture and sustainable design. The air quality in Delhi is 200 Micron (2.5 PPM) and UN prescribed limit is 130, but at Craft Village it is only 30 Micron which is equivalent to that of Himalayas! Green architecture can certainly improve quality of life.

Love for Art International Competition for School Children: The love for art international competition was organised by Craft Village for school children in exploring Sculpture, Painting, and Paper Craft. More than 100 Students from leading schools such as DPS, Shriram and many others participated to express their love for art. The winners were awarded by leading celebrity artist Binoy Varghese, and Delhi’s celebrated Sculptor Enaz M. and others.

Craft Village

Rare Crafts of India

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