Craft Village

Rare Crafts of India

Date; 12th & 13th October (Saturday & Sunday) 

Timings- 11AM to 5PM

Workshop on Ajarkh Printing 

The master is known for his innovative approach in creating Ajrakh Printing of Kutch. He belongs to the community who have not only practiced Ajrakh block printing for centuries but also his forefathers have preserved this art for generations. The determined Jabbar Khatri, decided to take up this craft and revived it into its new avatar. Today this craft is not only thriving but has made a unique way in commercial fashion brands.
Jabbar Khatri is a winner of 1st International Craft Awards 2017, and UNESCO Excellence awards besides other National accolades.

Date; 28th & 29th September (Saturday & Sunday) 

Timings- 10AM to 5PM

Workshop on Calligraphy with Pashmina Weaving

Master; Majid Mir, one of youngest Kashmiri weaver comes from the family, whose forefathers had evolved and innovated calligraphy weaving in Pashmina centuries back. Being a National Award Winner and having developed finest weaving techniques in Urdu calligraphy most of his shawls talks about heaven on earth, and that is the natural beauty of Kashmir. You will get an opportunity to create your own pashmina woven piece with guidance of Master craftsman, and you can take home the pieces which you would craft over two full days. A certificate of participation would be provided at the end of this program.

Rare & Exclusive Craft Workshops for 2019

Disclaimer: Craft Workshops are a medium of self exploration, since art is self exploratory in nature. Craft Village does not interfere in medium and ways a master intends to teach, these workshops are solely on the discretion of Master Artist/Craft men. Art can not be taught in structured manner and each master has an individual style hence each workshop is different. To know more, kindly write us at

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