Rare & Exclusive Craft Workshops for 2019

Dec 4-8, 2019, Aerocity, New Delhi
The Crafts of India are a mirror of the cultural identity of the ethnic people who make it. They carry the magnetic appeal of the Indian culture that promises exclusivity, beauty, dignity and style. Craft Village brings you the second chapter of GMR India Craft Week — a five-day long celebration of finest craftsmanship that binds art, design and culture. It brings together craftsmen, designers, craftpreneurs, institutions, brands and organizations through workshops, live demonstrations, installations, folk performances and cross-talks.

India Craft Week (ICW) showcases authentic and contemporary craft forms by master craftsmen and luxury brands under five unique segments – Craft Workshops, Craft Rare, Craft Panorama, Craft Luxe and Craft Installations.


ICW brings you 20 rare and exclusive  Craft Workshops by Padma Shri and National Award Winners in the fields of Textiles, Ceramics, Paintings, Stone Carving, Metalwork and many more.

Miniature Painting by Padma Shri Shakir Ali
Gond Painting by Padma Shri Bhajju Shyam
Rogan Art by Padma Shri Abdul Gafur Khatri
Chamba Rumaal Embroidery by Shilp Guru Lalita Vakil
Black Stone Pottery by Shilp Guru Machihan Sasa
Ply-Split Braiding by Master Erroll Pires Nelson
Phulkari by Master Simran Harika
Madhubani Painting by National Awardee Manisha Jha
Kantha Embroidery by National Awardee Mahamaya Sikdar
Bidri Metalwork by National Awardee Rasheed Quadri
Phad Painting by National Awardee Kalyan Joshi
Kalamkari Painting by Nantong International Awardee J. Niranjan
Sanjhi Paper Cutting by National Awardee Ram Soni
Leather Puppet by National Awardee Dalavai Kullayappa
Kalighat Patua Painting by National Awardee Anwar Chitrakar
Mata Ni Pachedi Painting by National Awardee Sanjay Chitara
Shadow Puppetry by Manish Halder
Pichhwai Painting by State Awardee Mahesh Vishnoi
Mysore Painting by State Awardee Sridhar Rao
Bagru Printing by Laxmi Lal Chhipa

NOTE; Craft Village Reserves all the rights to amend, 

modify OR cancel workshops without any prior notice.

Craft Village

Rare Crafts of India

Disclaimer: Craft Workshops are a medium of self exploration, since art is self exploratory in nature. Craft Village does not interfere in medium and ways a master intends to teach, these workshops are solely on the discretion of Master Artist/Craft men. Art can not be taught in structured manner and each master has an individual style hence each workshop is different. To know more, kindly write us at info@craftvillage.org.in

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