INDIA CRAFT WEEK, 1-5th December 2018, NEW DELHI

Last year’s edition was India Craft Week 2018, which marked a new beginning to the world. The objective of India Craft Week was to lay special focus on global craft & folk tradition, and to bring 'Handmade' to forefront through “Good stories untold”. India Craft Week (ICW) was an endeavour for "One World, One Craft", that transcends beyond boundaries to one destination New Delhi to bring timeless tradition.

Craft is the only natural connect between consumers and products. Craft demonstrate best use of local resources and adoption of aesthetics derived from deep rooted tradition & culture. If it is understood in a proper context, the product developed would not only have ‘natural connect’ & greater acceptance but also less spent on forced brand building. The India Craft Week showcased such evolving trends encompassing regional and folk styles, material culture & narratives from rest of India. It would begin a new trickle-up theory (trends) emerging from non-urban centers/rural India.

India Craft Week was also designed to position Crafts from just being mediocre, ‘to aspirational or desired’, by bringing International communities who value them, and to present a new imagery to the world of exotic & rare hand-crafted forms. ICW balances Tradition with Modernity.

Craft Village aims to help revive vanishing tradition & culture, helping millions of families across India that still practices timeless tradition. Craft Village this year has been invited by World's most prestigious London Craft Week to showcase 10-rare craft forms of India under "India Craft Week" London Preview in May 2019.


​For the first time, Craft Village bring 10-rare crafts from India to the UK under ‘India Craft Week (ICW) Preview’ at fifth edition of London Craft Week. The ICW will showcase montage of 5000-years of rich Heritage & Culture through Indian Crafts forms in Wood (Pinjarakari), Textiles (Kharad, Chamba Rumaal), 3-D Textiles (Rogan, Tangalia & Camel-Belt Braiding), Metal (Bidri), Narrative Art (Phad Paintings), Weaving (Pashmina) & Pottery (Kagzi). All these Rare Craft forms would be exhibited & demonstrated by National & International Award Winning Masters. A diversity of Folk Art, Textile Tradition, and Material Culture will showcase finest Indian Craftsmanship in building “Timeless Treasures”. The idea of the exhibit is to connect global audience with long lost tradition & culture, that has for centuries worked for sustainable culture, community development, know-how of local & natural resources in effective manner, recycle and reuse. India Craft Week Preview is aimed to share “Good stories untold” and share "Fascinating Narratives, Less Explored Culture & Tradition, Celebrated Folklore & Celebration of Creativity & Imaginative Trails & extra-ordinary lives of Artisans and Craftsperson" to the world. ICW Preview in London is an experience of authentic culture more than just a destination.

Craft Village

Rare Crafts of India

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