Craft Village

Rare Crafts of India

12.50 & 5.30 PM 
Live Performances on 
Folk, Traditional & Tribal Dance performances by authentic communities/individual.

Folk Song, Folk Music by Various communities from across India

​​​11.00 to 7.00 PM
Crafting Lifestyle & Luxury; 
Exhibits by Craftpreneurs, Designers, Organisations and Brands working with handmade & handcrafted.

10.00 to 1 PM and 2.00 to 5.00 PM

25 Rare Craft Workshops by legends

11.00- 7.00 PM

Special Highlights hand-made/crafted
World record by artisans and craftsman

Please fill in the details to help us;

Program Schedule (Everyday)

11.00 to 7.00 PM

Folk & Traditional Art Exhibition, by world masters & craft legends on 

Rare Traditional Art Gallery
Including Rajasthan Miniature Paintings, Phad, Kalamkari, Patachitra, Madhubani, Gond Tribal Art, Pahari Miniature, Warli Tanjore, Mata Ni Pachedi, Pichhwai, and other finest traditional & folk art...

4.00 to 5.00 PM 

Cross Talks on Craft Sector by Industry Experts/Celebrities

For Registrations;

Entry Tickets;

Rs 500/- Per person for a day (Single Entry)

Rs 2000/- Per Person for 5-days (Multiple Entry).


There are 25 rare and exclusive craft workshop planned during the India Craft Week, you can request for the list. Kindly Note that Workshop Fees is ​Rs 2000/- Per Person, Per Session (This includes authentic material for each workshop) and you don't need an entry ticket for that day (Single Entry), those registering for multiple workshops will be issued a special pass (Multi-Entry) for all five days. ​​

No. of Seats- 10 per session ONLY

Space Booking; Prices on request only

Sponsorship; Various slots for sponsorship is available, and you can request for a brochure writing us at  

There are many events only by 'Invitation', these tickets and passes would not be applicable to all the areas and timings, a visitor must check a detailed program schedule and comply with the same. 

*Terms & Conditions Apply

India Craft Week, 1-5th December 2018, Timings 11AM to 7 PM



“India Craft Week” first edition will bring the crafts of India together but in a new avatar. The week showcases Crafting Trends from finest Artisans, Craft-preneurs, Designers, Brands, International Crafts Awardees, Exhibition by Award Winning Craftsperson, Trend Shows by craft dynasty, Live Demonstrations by Padma Shri /National Award Winners, Tributes to the legends of Crafts Sector, Gallery/Stalls by International Award Winners, Luxury Brands & Craft-Preneurs, Cross-Talk & Knowledge Seminars by Industry leaders & Celebrities, Traditional/Folk Music & Dance and Much More...

ICW balances Tradition with contemporary , focuses on ‘rare Handcrafted ’ products ‘Designed, Developed, and Made in India’, it brings on board the finest work, skills, creativity and imaginative journey from every participant, who has connected Aspiration with Need, Desire with Want, and Crafted Luxury with responsibility. It is an opportunity for everyone to get connected with Indigenous & Traditional Craftsman whose ancestors have been practising various Crafts for many centuries. The week also brings the best from around India in lifestyle and luxury, which is “Handmade” and “Crafted” with finesse.

The Craft Week is an opportunity to sneak peek into evolving trends of homegrown products, textiles, furniture, home & interiors, lifestyle products, decorative art, and communication (narratives) encompassing regional and folk styles, composition, utility, material culture & narratives from across India. It’s a beginning of trickle-up trend emerging from non-urban centers/rural India, true and authentic Indian sensibilities that have inspired generations of Artists, Designers, Creative Professionals, and individuals. ICW will connect Industry and Individuals on one side to “Strategic’ crafts for quality, authenticity, originality, ethical, green, and sustainability on the other side. It will synergize traditional artisans, craftsmen, craftpreneurs, craft designers, craft brands, buyers, consumers and all craft enthusiasts on a single platform with the best en vogue trends.

Participation can be obtained by various interested individual/brands/organisation into given sub-categories, and are open to visitors by either invitation or registration;
1. Luxury (Premium, Niche, and Hand-Made Brands)
2. Sustainability (Organisations/Brand that promote or practice Sustainability OR Sustainable Culture) 
3. Innovation (Organisations working on disruptive products and processes in Craft Sector)
4. Social Inclusion (NGO's & Social Organisations working for Women, and up-liftment of socially backward sections)
5. Culture (Tribal and Folk Narratives; Gallery, Performing Art Organisations)
6. Design (Designer & Design Labels working with Craft Sector)
7. Traditional Skills (Institutions & Individual offering Craft Training)
8. Essentials (Craft Book Publishers, Stationary/Material suppliers for Craft items, Traditional & Regional Food & Others)
For Sponsorships, Booking Stalls or Registration call us on 9910754364 and​

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