International Craft Day, 15th October 2019
International Craft Day is on 15th October, 2019 and celebrated every calendar year on the same day, dedicated to acknowledge world crafts and the tireless work of millions of artisan & crafts person, the celebration of last three International Craft Day has received great response from all over. Even Google has recognised this as an important day!


There is a dedicated day for everything except crafts, so Craft Village has taken this initiative to mark 15th October of every calendar year as ‘International/World Craft Day’, it is to celebrate the finest Making and Makers from around the world who has continued this tradition of ‘Hand-Made & Hand-Crafted’ since centuries. Let’s us all celebrate the timeless and rich heritage of Crafting Tradition on 15th Oct (World Craft Day). Let’s take out some time and do our bit;

  • Sharing thoughts on Crafts & Craftsperson on social media and other platforms.
  • Let’s share special memories of Crafts that we have always adorned or possessed.
  • Let’s buy Handmade and Handicrafts, as festivals are round the corner, this is the most basic way how we can help well-being of Craftsperson and continue our patronage.
  • Let’s not bargain with Craftsman Or Craftswomen.
  • Let’s educate younger generation on importance of Crafts.
  • Let’s spare some time to explore world Crafts & Culture.
  • Let’s do some creative crafts at home & offices.
  • Let’s think together how as a society we can help preserve rare & exotic skills of millions of Craftsperson.
  • Let’s do whatever it takes to promote local crafts.
  • And last not least let’s continue ‘Crafting’ always and every day.

International Craft Day was inaugurated by Dr. Ghada Hijjawi Qaddumi, President, World Craft Council-APR. The objective of day is to bring back focus on lost craft & folk tradition, and fast disappearing 'Handmade'. It is time to share “Good stories untold" and preserve "Skills" that has been acquired over centuries and ages. These crafts may have originated at different places, times or by different dynasty but they all look like as if they have originated from one culture, one tradition & one world. The world craft has certainly one genre, and that is the spirit of people, their culture and endless passion of craftsman and artisan. International Craft Day every year celebrates "One World, One Craft", that transcends tradition & culture beyond boundaries to a world that is one in its timeless tradition.  Lets celebrate this important day and help tradition & culture to revive, helping millions of families across the world that still practices their passion and tradition...

Craft Village

Rare Crafts of India

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