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By Iti Tyagi for Craft Beton

Mumbai Launch of Craft Beton attended by doyens of retail and lifestyle industry

Shri Amitabh Kant, CEO, NITI Aayog, Govt. of India at Delhi Launch of Craft Beton

Craft Village majorly focuses on Industries that are creating sustainable products and are well connected with social engagement. Craft Beton is one such work of pride for us, Craft Village curates Craft Beton by Dalmia Bharat, India. Craft Village announced series of Artist Residency where artists were briefed upon creating unimaginable possibilities in green cement. For First time in India, such initiative has been taken and Craft Village is proud to be associated with this project from concept development to launch of Brand Craft Beton in Delhi and Mumbai.

As company quotes "Craft Beton is what happens when the world’s most used man-made material is put in the hands of internationally acclaimed designers. You get creations with the finesse and form of an art piece, detailing and function of world-class design and craftsmanship to admire". This Brand has received many appreciation not only in terms of idea, but also how the entire concept was curated. Craft Village is a strategic partner of Craft Beton for design & innovation.

Collection 2016 at a preview in

Delhi inaugurated by eminent artist Satish Gujral

The project which started months ago at Craft village, an art residency in the city, saw internationally acclaimed designers making crafted chairs, fruit baskets, sculptures, lamps and jewellery, all made from cement. Read full story here

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