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Rare Crafts of India

Somesh Singh


Errol Pires Neilson


Dr. Himadri Ghosh , Advisor

Textile genius Dr. Himadri Ghosh has been the veteran of Indian Textile Industry and education for more than 5-decades. He has been as head of various positions at NID, Ahmedabad besides being Director of NIFT-TEA. At present he is the Director of Banasthali Institute of Design at Banasthanli University, Rajasthan

Errol Pires Neilson, Advisor

Erroll Pires, the world renowned Camel Braiding Master and former NID Faculty has dedicated his life for this particular Craft creating the first ever “Seamless Garment” that even machines couldn’t produce so far. Erroll has served as Principal Designer & Textiles Faculty at NID for 27 years

Iti tyagi, Founder, Director 
Iti is founding director of Zephyr Lifestyle, a company for integrating design to improve quality of life. She is as alumnus of NIFT, and Interior Design Diploma Holder from KLC School of Design, London. Her exposure to lifestyle design began by participating in international fairs like Heimtextile, Germany, Prét-a-porter, Paris,IHGF in India. Adventurer by heart she has been always inspired by the local artisan who weave magic, tradition, craft, ritual and faith to give soul to utmost luxury products for big daddy's. She has been involved in training artisans for various clusters like Balakatti, Moradabad, Saharanpur, Firozabad and Kutch on metalwork, wood, glass, & embroidery respectively. Her passion and love to exotic locations, international cuisines, Indian tradition has leaded her to teach and share her experiences at world known National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. Her philosophy to life is simple and charismatic with her own quote that defines life as a journey. "I uncover myself everyday to get unprejudiced towards them to begin my first steps of learning, I'm born again".

Somesh Singh, Co-founder

Somesh Singh the former Director of Institute of Apparel Management, under the aegis of AEPC (sponsored by Min. of Textiles, GOI). He is a fashion design graduate from NIFT, Delhi and FDP from NID, Ahmedabad. He has been Head of Apparel Design, NID from 2003-2009, during his tenure NID has been awarded best institute in Apparel Training from CMAI for four consecutive years (2005-08). He has been keynote speaker at Retail Summit, Indo-American Textile Summit, Design Summit and Guest of Honour in Symposium for Higher Education. He has patents like "Paunch Proof", "I-Shops", Fashion Clinics and folding helmets. His work has been covered by Reuters, BBC, CNN, Aaj Tak, USA Today, The Times, London, The Standard, Times of India, Hindustan Times and other leading newspapers, television channels and radios. He has been consultant to leading companies across India and world. His publications include "Clothing: From Custom to customization, 4'S of Fashion, Fashion Education-perception and realities-Innovations in Fashion and Creating Learning Ecosystem" and many more. His core areas include research & development in functional and intelligent clothing, managing retail experience, perceptual ergonomics, fashion engineering with teaching specialization in design systems and processes and innovative thinking

Dr. Himadri Ghosh


Iti Tyagi


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