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We are an art/craft/design based residency and work hand in hand in all disciplines.

Craft Village invites application from Industrial Designers/Artists/Interior Designers for an Artist Residency in Concrete/Product/Tile Design. Artist/Designer need to develop a range of concrete products or tiles and bath   fittings in artistic blend with strong/durable aesthetics. The work that redefines art and technology in products and walls and floors surfaces should express modern day styles of today's user and cater to construction industry at large

Duration of residency
10 weeks

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance
We are an art/craft/design based residency and work hand in hand in all disciplines. You should be aware of 3D studio, 3D print technology, should you wish to look for structured designs. If you are looking to work more hands on,then a strong understanding of material mixing, glazing, surface ornamentation is required.

Living and working spaces
You will have a private cottage.Our studios are shared spaces, you need to work with your cohort-mates in shared spaces as other on going projects take place in same studios. We've one covered studio for molding, finishing, drying and one open work space for wet work, sanding/grinding, wood/metal work. One studio for finishing and fittings.

Expectations towards the artist
You will be required to work as per brief provided to you, to present concepts, ideas and your design ideologies. The presented designs will be developed by you in given time that will be showcased in an exhibition with other lifestyle goods created by previous residency designers. (choose one category in your application)

A-Artists working in tile and bath need to make total 5 wall and floor tiles and 5 bath sinks designs in their residency period.

B-Artists working in lifestyle products need to develop 5 products in furniture, 5 home accessory, and 5 kitchen accessory collection

Application information
Please send your complete profile,awards and achievements, work experience, previous residency by 25th July. Selection deadlines 30th July. Send in your applications at and ​​

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