Artist Residency

Craft Village is an art residency where every year many artists from across the globe come for creative independence and work in most sustainable environment. State of art presentation room, fully equipped studios, craft library and performance open theatre gives an opportunity to each individual to utilize space in its own way. Minimum 2 weeks and maximum 6 week residency with stay facility is available and one can contact prior booking for entire year.


Craft Village is a one stop center for Exclusive art and craft workshops. We organize Master Artists workshops in the field of art, craft and design. By saying Master artists we believe, in order to impart right knowledge there is a need of sustainable approach towards crafts, a background one is proud of and a legacy to take ahead. Guru Shishya parampara is known for the years of knowledge and wisdom, master imparts in its disciples. These masters have spend almost entire lifetime in doing what they specialize in and teach in a most sustainable manner. Their association with crafts is not merely few years old but this is what they breath in every day.


Craft Village organizes Art and Craft exhibitions throughout the year. Enclosed gallery and open spaces are available for artists and craftsmen. International Craft Day 15th October is one most eventful day when we celebrate the festival of art and craft in a most unique manner and invite fine artists and crafts person from all across the globe. Should you wish to hire our space please write us at


Craft Village offers design and innovation support to various Industry that are constantly looking for ideas. Craft Village recently curated Craft Beton (an initiative by Dalmia Bharat) for lifestyle goods in green cement. A complete support in conceptualization to product development, exhibition curation to brand development has been given engaging international artists on board

Craft Village also works for NGO/self help groups that are looking for tech support and design and innovation in micro industries. 

Craft Village

Rare Crafts of India

Children Camp

Holidays are the most important period where kids can intelligently utilize their creative mind in learning various art and craft program. These summer/winter camps are for 1 week and children make most of it by joining entire camp in order to learn hands on crafts, understanding through talks, and watching informative documentaries. 

Student/Faculty Exchange Program

Every year India opens its heart for International students who travel from all across globe to unveil India's exotic crafts, food and culture. Inspired from 4000 years old Indus Valley Civilization, this country has something or the other to offer each creative soul. Not only our spices but our crafts, textiles, architecture and stories have fascinated many aspiring students who incorporate this culture into knowledge building. Craft Village offers one day to one week long craft program to students from varied backgrounds. One can learn from Master artist, spend the day in our eco-village and enjoy this beautiful community living. 1 acre of lush green campus has library full  of arts and crafts books, fully equipped studios, well confined presentation hall, and open house cafe for tasty feast.

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