Crafts village is the center to promote Crafts of India, and hence; offer various program and workshops in craft appreciation, design, art and culture, and self-exploration. The one-acre lush green campus has in-house design studios and facility centre for artists, designers and creative individuals who are looking for such spaces to expand their creative realm. “Craft Village” is a unique state-of-art infrastructure, for facilitating hands on craft learning from masters and legends in their fields, linkages of craft community with international and national forums to promote “Rare Crafts of India”. The Village also celebrates International Craft Day and exhibitions of various crafts. A Year long event calendar will hold you and your imagination with things you desired to do, so stay connected!


"If an Artisan is promoted, Patola  would find another generation, Kutch embroidery would be a Christian Dior adornment, Benarasi Zari work would go for Oscar's Red Carpet, Kantha would embellish Gucci Trench Coat, Jawaja would have Jimmy Choo finesse and an Artisan will find motivation for life"

Craft Workshops

Craft Village

Rare Crafts of India


“It was an amazing experience to work alongside this great artist. Bhajju is such an endearing person, his simplicity and down to earth persona really moved me. And what an incredible imagination he has which he puts down on paper with amazing talent. The balance of colours and intricate detailing were a delight to watch. So happy to be part of this workshop! Yashashri Shukla, IAS Officer

“Craft Village is a beautiful place for experiential learning of crafts in an organic natural environment. It is a wonderful space that would help free flow of ideas and creativity. It has a wonderful library collection and an inspiring space. It is a beautiful project and I am sure with Iti's vision and Mr. Somesh's extensive experience, it will grow and prosper to give future generations an exposure and passion for crafts, and provide sustainable growth to the crafts itself”.

Dr. Anupama Pasricha, Associate Professor & Department Chair, Apparel Merchandising & Design, St. Catherine University, St. Paul, USA

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