Craft Village now is a bigger organisation with future plans and a clear roadmap. In the coming times, the organisation plans to spread its wings in other continents apart from the Asia Pacific region. This means more and more country participation, more events and more cluster developments. Craft Village announces the membership now for artisans, individuals to join us in this journey of the crafts revolution and become a part of a bigger agenda.  Simple download the Application form in your preferred language, send us the complete filled form then proceed with the payment link as per the category chosen by you.

Craft workshops that connects Urban to Rural, not to be missed

Craft Village

International Craft Day

International Craft Day is on 15th October, dedicated to acknowledge world crafts and the tireless work of millions of artisan & crafts person across Globe. 

10 Rare Craft forms that showcase Indian Craftsmanship

India Craft Week

India Craft Week balances Tradition with Modernity. ICW celebrates finest craftsmanship by celebrated masters, brands, individuals, councils who share a common platform of handmade and handcraft.

Craft Trading Can Be Limited To A Generation, But Training Would Empower Many Generations

International Craft Awards

“Awards & Recognitions” on global scale to build recognition for the artisan community. The participation in the last 3-years has grown with nearly 1000 applications and 53-winners.

10 Paintings of Indian Origin That can keep tradition alive

Crafting narratives by Industry leaders , dreamers  and storytellers


We are very pleased to announce that Craft Village is the second and only organisation after the Crafts Council of India being chosen for this honour from India.

National Entity member: Only two (2) National Entity Members from any country may be a Member of WCC, with full voting privileges. The term "National Entity' applies to an organisation within a country best represents the crafts of such a country in the context of WCC activities. The application is considered by the Regional Executive Board.

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Indian Artists who created magic in 

​London Craft Week in 2019

Craft Travel Series

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